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How Much Garden You Would Need to 100% Survive On? | Lifehacker

Could you grow enough food to feed yourself and your family if you wanted to—or needed to?

By Jeff Somers, Friday 11:00AM

Photo: Irina Fischer (Shutterstock)

Gardening is often pitched as a relaxing, therapeutic activity—and it is relaxing and therapeutic!

But it’s also a sign of how advanced society has become that we can regard growing food as a charming hobby instead of an absolute necessity.

On the one hand, that’s a clear sign of mankind’s mastery over the world. On the other, it’s left us remarkably dependent on a system of farming and delivery logistics that has been shown to be distressingly fragile.

Anyone who has ever successfully grown a tomato plant in their backyard has wondered if they could go “off-grid,” grow their own food, and be done with their local supermarket. The answer is yes, but that’s the wrong question.

The question isn’t whether it’s possible—the question is how. It’s all about the logistics: How much space do you need to grow enough crops to feed you and your family? Math will help you figure this one out.

Source: How Much Garden You Would Need to 100% Survive On