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Ways that we try to keep our lives in order

By Barbara Krasnoff, Jan 17, 2022, 9:00am EST

Photo by Dan Seifert / The Verge

Life these days can be very complicated, and many of us — I’d guess that most of us — are constantly looking for the best method to keep our lives in order.

What do you need on your grocery list? When is that work project due, and who is working on it with you? A friend wants to do a movie-watching session, but is that the same day you promised your parents to help clean the garage? Which bills are due, and can you afford to pay them all? Where is that article about which masks to wear? And on and on.

So we decided to start off 2022 by asking the staff of The Verge what they use to keep track of all their appointments / tasks / projects / workflows.

And it turned out that they use a variety of different apps or some fairly old-fashioned paper-and-pen solutions — or both. If you’re finding that this year is turning out to be a confusing one, and you need a way to try to keep your life and your sanity in order, here are some methods that we use. We hope they are helpful.

Source: The Verge’s favorite tools to stay organized – The Verge