5 Luxe Resorts at America’s National Parks | justluxe

By Tracie Silberberg Jul. 15th, 2021


A trip to America’s national parks once meant packing a tent or finding the nearest roadside motel.

Indeed, in the mid-century heyday of the road trip, it was part of the charm.

Chip Henderson for The Swag

But as park visitors have become more diverse, and more discerning, over the decades, so too have the surrounding accommodations. Today, travelers can choose from desert bungalows with private plunge pools, five-star hotels with room service, or chic cabins with outdoor rain showers — all in close proximity to open spaces and natural beauty.

For travelers looking to explore the Great Outdoors with full-service amenities, these luxury resorts offer front-row access…

Source: 5 Luxe Resorts at America’s National Parks