Rosalind Cartwright, Psychologist and ‘Queen of Dreams,’ Dies at 98 – The New York Times

An early researcher of sleep disorders and the role of dreams in emotional health, she studied her subjects’ nights to help them turn their days around.

By Penelope Green, Published March 15, 2021, Updated March 16, 2021

The sleep researcher Rosalind D. Cartwright at her dream research laboratory in Chicago in 1991. Credit…Chicago Sun Times

Nicknamed the Queen of Dreams by her peers, Dr. Cartwright studied the role of dreaming in divorce-induced depression, worked with sleep apnea patients and their frustrated spouses, and helped open one of the first sleep disorder clinics.

She died at 98 on Jan. 15 at her home in Chicago. Her daughter, Carolyn Cartwright, said the cause was a heart attack.