The Future of Humanity #1

Rationalising The Universe

Today we are thinking towards the future of human civilisation and our ability, as a species, to play the long game. What are the risks that face our species and how could these risks be mitigated? The term existential risk refers to a hypothetical future event which could either cause humanity’s permanent extinction or seriously hinder the species’ potential. These kind of global risks can be split into two camps; those from which we only have ourselves to blame and those that come from the almighty hand of nature. The former are known as anthropogenic risks and the later non-anthropogenic. Today we’ll cover the non-athropogenic in order to avoid the guilt a little longer.

Extraterrestrial Arrival

For years we have been sending out signals hoping that someone out there will hear our cries. Humanity’s songs have been played out across the universe’s sky and missions have been sent into the…

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