Guten Tag!


Guten Tag!
I speak a few languages just a little, English being one of them, but the language I talk most fluently is woffle. Sometimes, I hear my voice set out on a sentence and my brain has no idea where it will end up – and when I’ve finally finished, I can’t remember why I started or what the point was.

It might sound to you like dementia or age-related problems, but really, I’m not that old. I just find my brain fires off so many leads I could follow during a conversation, I kinda grab one and head in that direction and can’t find my way back without saying, ‘So yeah… no idea why I said that.’

I’m very surprised when people say I’m socially-able. Of course, nobody EVER has said those actual words. They’re more likely to say ‘but you’re so confident’ or ‘you seem to find socialising easy’…

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