Times They Are A-Changing, February 18, 2020


February 18th, 2020

High Times for Marijuana Votes Coming.. 11 States Where You Might Be Voting on Major Marijuana Reforms This November. 2020. Salon. February 17, 2020..


Cooking? Need a Cookbook? Looks like this restaurant in South Carolina has a solution for you.. free cookbooks.. https://www.southernliving.com/travel/south-carolina/greenville-south-carolina-table-301-catering-kitchen-cookbook-library


Movie Insights.. One of the favorite films I worked on (and met Wes Craven) was “Swamp Thing,” shot in Charleston, SC area.. wonderful introduction to film-making.. here’s some thoughts on the film from CrimeReads.com.. See the story at CrimeReads

Blows Against the Empire.. We are well into early caucus voting here in Las Vegas, NV.. We have to find the best nominee who can beat 45 in November.. Read more about it via Google News..  Read on Google News

Coronavirus Update.. “USA Today” has a nice summary about the spread of the coronavirus.. Read on “USA Today”

Movies and Writing.. BuzzFeed put together a nice article with scenes that are paired with the movie’s scripts.. words matter, take a peek.. See at BuzzFeed

Shopping for Stuff.. We enjoy going to Trader’s Joe’s, and here’s a nice listing of 10 things to buy on your next visit.. See the article via MSN

A Saint Comes Back.. Drew Brees will be coming back to the New Orleans Saints for at least one more season.. holds a ton of NFL records, good for him.. Read the story from ESPN

What’s On My Playlist.. We’ve started listening more to some country music, and we got a DVD set of Ken Burns’ documentary on Country Music from our local library.. give it a listen.. See more via PBS

Daytona 500.. really tough accident at end of the race on Monday.. hope the driver is okay, in hospital, serious condition.. See more via CBS News

That’s all for today.. enjoy your day!