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Times They Are A-Changing, February 17, 2020


February 17th, 2020

Library News.. Looks like there will be a new East Valley library in Escondido, CA..

Coronavirus Update.. That cruise ship with the Americans on board is having more issues, very tough events for those travelers..

Democratic Nomination 2020.. There’s worries that Bernie Sanders might be the Democratic nominee, and it has leaders in the party worried that might be wrong to defeat Trump..

Brands in Business.. I always enjoyed Pier 1 stores, didn’t always buy a lot, but good products, maybe priced too high for many.. they have filed for bankruptcy..

Space News.. Starlink satellites launched fine by SpaceX, but had some problems sticking the landing..

High Speed Trains.. proposed high speed train from California to Las Vegas is suggesting a location for a station in Las Vegas..

Internet Update.. No link, but our Internet was up and down and mostly down for 2 days.. pretty rough, thank goodness for the Sprint phones had mobile available..

Daytona 500.. rained out yesterday, will continue today on Fox, at 4pm ET, 1pm PT..

That’s all for today.. enjoy your day!

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