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Great thoughtful essay on San Diego…

Ayla Boswell

I have had San Diego on my mind quite a bit lately. I spent two years of my life living there while I was getting my degree. Once I finished school, I decided to move back home to the Bay Area. Somehow it feels like just yesterday I said goodbye to the city of sunsets and tacos. Friends and family were surprised when I told them I was leaving. Even though San Diego is an amazing city, The Bay was not finished with me yet.

It might be controversial for me to say this, but I believe San Diego is a better city to vacation in than Los Angeles. At least for people flying in to see California from a different country. San Diego has better surfing, transportation, less traffic, cheaper (but still just as tasty) food, and friendlier people. The only thing that’s really missing is Disneyland and Universal…

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