Sherlock Voted Most Popular BBC Character in the World

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We always knew there were a lot of Sherlock fans out there – but apparently there are enough, it turns out, for the consulting detective to be named the most popular BBC character ever in an international survey.

Benedict Cumberbatch’s modern take on Sherlock Holmes beat out other famous heroes like Doctor Who‘s the Doctor and Idris Elba’s John Luther to the top spot – and by a pretty significant margin too. Have a look at the top ten list below:

  1. Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock (29.7%)
  2. The Doctor – Doctor Who (17.6%)
  3. John Luther – Luther (12.4%)
  4. Basil Fawlty – Fawlty Towers (11.8%)
  5. The Stig – Top Gear (8.2%)
  6. Patsy Stone – Absolutely Fabulous (8.1%)
  7. Edmund Blackadder – Blackadder (7.4%)
  8. Hyacinth Bucket – Keeping Up Appearances (6.1%)
  9. Geraldine Granger – The Vicar of Dibley (5.8%)
  10. The Daleks – Doctor Who (5.6%)

More than 7000 people voted in the poll from BBC Worldwide Showcase…

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