The Untold Story Of Any Given Sunday | Complex

On my TiVo, this film.. well-written behind-the-scenes article about the Oliver Stone movie, “Any Given Sunday” .. fits with Super Bowl weekend.. and insightful tale about filmmaking.. as an NFL fan for years, I sometimes question my football attraction –too brutal, too violent– players exchanging their bodies for money and fans, our attraction to our version of the Roman Coliseum.. I’d give it up, but I’d miss the ritual, the tv, the news about x, predictions, follow-ups, salsa, chips, lazy Sundays with the game on.. about the LI game on Sunday, I will be there, rooting for the underdog again.. there’s a message there somewhere, for me…

Oliver Stone’s set had partying, fighting, and general chaos, yet 16 years later the film is as relevant as ever.

Source: The Untold Story Of Any Given Sunday | Complex