Touchdown: Charleston

Southern city full of history, love, good food.. excellent travel article! 🙂


You voted for Savannah and Charleston when we asked you where to go next within the U.S., and we heard you! Last Thanksgiving, we went to both cities. Read about our day in Savannah here.

Charleston Scenic

Farmers Market at Charleston

We went to Charleston on the second day of our trip. Very early in the morning, we went to the train station in Savannah. It was old-fashioned and only had two trips scheduled for the day. The train we boarded was new, but there were old and noisy train on the rail next to it with boxes after boxes of whatever it was transporting. The ride to Charleston took a little more than an hour; I spent it reading and looking out of the windows. The view was simply amazing.

When we got to Charleston, the first thing we did was to find lunch. Food there was really good. We had fish, crabcakes, shrimp, grits…

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