Touchdown: Savannah

She captures the heart and soul of Savannah.. love the photos of that elegant Southern town…


We asked you where to go for Thanksgiving and a lot of you said Georgia and South Carolina. We are very thankful that you suggested these two states, because we really enjoyed our time in Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina (keep an eye out for a post about this lovely city in the coming week!)


Forsyth Park

Savannah Neighborhood

Savannah is a small city by the coast in the state of Georgia. It is peaceful and very, very green, even at the end of November. Before we went, we would look at pictures of Savannah’s many parks, the gnarled live oak trees and the spanish moss hanging from its branches, as well as beautiful historic buildings. What we encountered there was much more mystical…but sadly we can’t completely capture its beauty on camera.

Savannah Street

Lafayette Square park

At the Lafayette Square Fountain

One very cool thing we discovered was that the sidewalks were fortified with oyster shells. At first we thought they were…

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