Doctor Strange – Spoiler-Free Review

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Sherlock Holmes might seen like a magician when he plucks deductions out of the air, but Benedict Cumberbatch’s latest character actually is a master of the mystic arts. In Doctor Strange, Cumberbatch – like Martin Freeman before him – joins the all-compassing Marvel Cinematic Universe as new hero Doctor Stephen Strange. The movie has been hotly anticipated by Marvel and Sherlock fans alike. So did it live up to the expectation?

Anyone who knows how reliable Marvel’s output has become will know that the answer is a resounding yes.

The first thing that has to be mentioned when talking about Doctor Strange is its astonishing visual pallet. By dealing with heroes and villains who can manipulate reality around them, Doctor Strange offers up some mind-bending action sequences of the kind seen in The Matrix or Inception. Director Scott Derrickson and cinematographer Ben Davis have to be commended for making this the…

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