Six Great Sports Movies to keep you in the Olympic Mood


The Rio Olympics have just come to a close, and while it is sad, we can always depend on the movies to deliver us inspirational montages and grueling training regimes.

Here I list six of my favourite feel-good sports movies to keep you in the Olympic Mood:

  1. Stick It


One of my favourite movies of all time. Rebellious teen Hayley Graham finds herself in some trouble with the law, and is forced to return to the cutthroat world of elite gymnastics she thought she’d left behind. Peregrym gives a sassy and moving performance as Hayley, and is well partnered with gruff but caring coach, played by Jeff Bridges. The gymnastics sequences are well choreographed and impressive to watch, and the fun and engaging story makes you want to re-watch all the Olympic gymnastics events.tumblr_msgdg6K9Vv1r8bor0o1_500.gifgiphyBest Quote


  1. Cool Runnings


A classic. The hilarious true story (to a certain extent) of the…

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