Three Quotations In Three Days: Day 2

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“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” Cicero


I am a lover of books. I read them, study them, teach them, own them, and now write them. Books are a central part of my life, and I own more books than most people do, and I am delighted that I have them.  But, I am not  a collector–these are for reading and for use. I do not care about first editions or the monetary value of books.  I care about them as objects to be held, felt, and read.

And I feel most at home in any room if it has books. They do not have to be organized, but they should be there.

And yes, I will always prefer the physical copy of a book over an ebook. That is a post for another day!

My nominees for today because I interpret the rules…

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