Are You a Nomophobe? | Not Dead Yet

I was serving on a public desk the other day, when a student came up and asked me to help him find something in our discovery system and to walk him through the search process. I swiveled the computer monitor his way so he could watch me go through the search, started the process, and saw that he was busily working on his smartphone. I figured he was taking notes and thought he’d look up at the computer monitor in a second to see what I was showing him.Not so. He continued to thumb busily on his smartphone. So I proceeded to describe the steps as I went through them, and he continued to thumb his phone. He didn’t acknowledge that I was there, or that the computer screen was there, or that he was following anything I said or showed him. I went through several searches to locate the item he sought, demonstrating how to do the searches and narrating what to do when the system located the item; this took about five minutes. Throughout that time the student never looked up at the screen, or at me—he went on thumbing the smartphone.

Source: Are You a Nomophobe? | Not Dead Yet