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Little Bits of Eclectic Knowledge

Little Bits of Eclectic Knowledge.. good piece…

Jane Lindskold: Wednesday Wanderings

This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of talking for an hour with Joe Barrett, who will be reading the audiobook version of Artemis Invaded.  Joe also read Artemis Awakening, so I was familiar with both his enthusiasm for his work and his attention to detail.

Persephone Purruses Eclectic Knowledge Persephone Purruses Eclectic Elements

Some of his questions were about typos, since he was working from an uncorrected proof.  Some were about pronunciation.  However, he was also interested in details about the characters and setting, so he’d be certain how to present them.

Occasionally, I feared that I was giving Joe more than he either wanted or needed, but I felt reassured when – after one micro-lecture on the relationship between Greek and Latin variations of the same name – he laughed and said, “I really love your little bits of eclectic knowledge.”  Then he paused, obviously afraid he’d insulted me by…

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