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Joyful colors of Christmas at December Nights.

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Cool San Diego Sights!

House of England's Victorian gentleman with top hot and monocle! House of England’s Victorian gentleman with top hot and monocle!

This afternoon I enjoyed several daylight hours at the big December Nights event in Balboa Park! It looks like the Christmas spirit is alive in San Diego!

December Nights, which used to be named Christmas on the Prado, is an annual holiday celebration that attracts around three hundred thousand people over two absolutely amazing days. The best time to experience December Nights is after dark, when Balboa Park from end to end is lit with thousands of lights. The scene is vast and magical. Carolers and choirs seem to be everywhere you turn. There are so many jolly Santas taking pictures with families you might think you’d arrived at the North Pole! The traditional sights, yummy smells, and cheerfully lit colors of Christmas abound.

But, alas, my camera doesn’t cope well with darkness. So here are some sunny pics from…

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