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Microsoft revealed the latest truths about working from home. One is truly disturbing | ZDNet

As many drift from working from home to a more hybrid model, what has been lost? And who has really, really gained? Microsoft knows things aren’t good.

Solving for the impossible?

By Chris Matyszczyk for Technically Incorrect | April 4, 2021 — 12:00 GMT (05:00 PDT) | Topic: Working from home: How to get remote work right

The headline wasn’t all that promising: “The Next Great Disruption Is Hybrid Work — Are We Ready?”

No, of course we’re not ready. We were never ready for the pandemic. We were never ready for mass working from home. We’re never ready.

This headline came from a company that itself wasn’t exactly ready for working from home, Microsoft. Right beneath its nostrils, a company called Zoom came along and stole hegemony over a means of communication that Microsoft might, itself, have already mastered.

Source: Microsoft revealed the latest truths about working from home. One is truly disturbing | ZDNet

6 tips to help you manage your day AND your anxiety when working from home

Krystal Quiles

Mar 17, 2021 / Morra Aarons-Mele

When I first began working at home, I couldn’t believe I was getting away with such a racket.

No one told me what to do or where to be! I could work in my bed, go to the grocery store in the middle of the day, and my clients were none the wiser. Even though I was a freelancer, I was constantly looking over my shoulder and expecting to be reprimanded by someone.

But my elation wore away when I realized I wasn’t quite alone at home: My anxiety was there, too.

Now, I’m an anxious person, even in the best of times. But these days, it seems like we’re all anxious. And anxiety is another ingredient — like Zoom calls, overloaded wifi or howling children or pets — that needs to be factored into your days, your productivity and your time management.

Source: https://ideas.ted.com/tips-to-manage-your-day-and-anxiety-when-working-from-home/