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‘Super Flower Blood Moon’ webcasts: How to watch the supermoon eclipse of 2021 online | Space

By Hanneke Weitering – Editor about 17 hours ago

The full moon on Wednesday (May 26) will be something to behold, as the only total lunar eclipse of 2021 arrives together with the year’s biggest “supermoon.”

Video link: https://www.space.com/super-flower-blood-moon-2021-webcasts?jwsource=cl

Skywatchers in much of the world will have a chance to see a slightly larger-than-average full moon temporarily appear red during the so-called “Super Flower Blood Moon.”

But for those in parts of the world where the eclipse isn’t visible — or where clouds foil the view — there will be several free webcasts showing live views of the eclipse online.

Weather permitting, the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles plans to stream live views of the Super Flower Blood Moon on Wednesday (May 26) beginning at 4:45 a.m. EDT (0845 GMT) — just two minutes before the penumbral phase of the lunar eclipse begins. The broadcast will end at 9 a.m. EDT (1300 GMT), shortly after the last partial phase of the eclipse has ended.

Editor’s note: See article link below for many online sites showing the eclipse for free…

Source: ‘Super Flower Blood Moon’ webcasts: How to watch the supermoon eclipse of 2021 online | Space

Total Eclipse 2017 | National Park Foundation

A total eclipse is nature at its most incredible. It lasts less than three minutes and along its path, twilight suddenly descends where there

Source: Total Eclipse 2017 | National Park Foundation

Disappearing Sun | StarDate Online

For about two minutes on the afternoon of August 21, the sky over Nashville will turn almost as dark as night. Ditto Casper, Wyoming; Columbia, South Carolina, and the southern suburbs of St. Louis. They will be darkened by one of nature’s most spectacular events: a total solar eclipse. It may be the most-watched eclipse in history.

Source: Disappearing Sun | StarDate Online