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8 Mystery/Thriller Novels to Make You Ask When Libraries and Bookstores Got So Sus | Book Riot

By Addison Rizer Jul 15, 2022

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For those of us who grew up obsessed with books, taking trips to the library every chance we got and memorizing the check-out limit, books have always been our safe spaces.

They’re where we go when we have too much to do, or we’re going through something, or just need to escape for a while. I’ve spent many an hour with my head tilted sideways, reading every title on the shelves of the library or hunched on the floor, flipping through a book before buying it at my favorite bookstore.

Libraries, bookstores, they’re my favorite places in the world!

With all of that time spent in the quiet of a library or lost in the shelves on a darkening afternoon, I realize just how quickly that setting can turn sinister. A scream in the silence, eyes peering from the other side of the spines. The quiet is only comforting until you want — no, need — someone around to help you.

Source: Mysteries & Thrillers With Deeply Sus Libraries and Bookstores

Best Thriller Books 2022 | Book Riot

By Michelle Regalado, Feb 25, 2022

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A new year means a whole slew of new book releases to look forward to, especially when it comes to the best thriller books.

2022 is set to bring plenty of highly anticipated new titles to shelves from across all genres, including sci-fi and fantasy, romance, nonfiction, and of course, thrillers. Whether you love pulse-pounding murder mysteries, locked-room thrillers, or gripping family sagas, you’re sure to find something that suits your interest on this list.

While it’s still early in the year, several of these buzzy novels are already in stores and waiting to be added to your nightstands and bookshelves — and many more are on the way in the coming months. From a YA novel set in a small town to a captivating dive into the world of classical music, these engrossing page-turners will keep you hooked until the very end (and if your top picks are still a few months away from their release, you can also get your suspense fix by checking out the most under-the-radar mysteries of 2021 in the meantime.)

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Source: Best Thriller Books 2022 | Book Riot