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3 types of normal forgetting — and 1 that isn’t | Ideas.Ted.com

September 16, 2022, By Lisa Genova


To be human is to forget things. But you’ve probably wondered: “When is forgetting normal, and when is it not?”

Here are four examples.

1. Forgetting where you parked
Not remembering where you parked because you didn’t pay attention is normal and different than what happens with Alzheimer’s. If you have Alzheimer’s, let’s say you park in a mall garage and shop for an hour. When you return to the parking garage, you’re not wondering if you parked on level three or level four, you’re thinking, “I don’t remember how I got here.” Or you’re standing in front of your car, but you don’t recognize it as yours.


See her TED Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/lisa_genova_what_you_can_do_to_prevent_alzheimer_s

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