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In the Sky This Month

Orion, Taurus, and Auriga, constellations that rep- resent autumn and winter, vanish in the western evening twilight this month.

Hercules is well up in the east-northeast by then, with Ophiuchus just climbing into view in the east.

Pairs of planets bracket the sky for much of the month: Jupiter and Saturn before dawn, and Venus and Mercury just after sunset.

Source: In the Sky This Month | StarDate Online

In the Sky This Month | StarDate Online

Photo by Sam Kolder on Pexels.com

The stars of winter are marching toward the end of their annual evening run.

Orion is in the southwest at nightfall as April begins, for example, but is quite low in the west as the Sun begins to set by month’s end.

Sirius, the Dog Star, is to the lower left of Orion.

It’s the brightest true star in the entire night sky, so even though it’s quite low, it sparkles beautifully as it drops from view in the evening for another year.

Source: In the Sky This Month | StarDate Online

Disappearing Sun | StarDate Online

For about two minutes on the afternoon of August 21, the sky over Nashville will turn almost as dark as night. Ditto Casper, Wyoming; Columbia, South Carolina, and the southern suburbs of St. Louis. They will be darkened by one of nature’s most spectacular events: a total solar eclipse. It may be the most-watched eclipse in history.

Source: Disappearing Sun | StarDate Online