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The history of the culture wars — from abortion to school books : NPR

By Ari Shapiro, February 2, 20225:00 AM ET, and Matt Ozug

A woman tosses a Ouija Board into a bonfire outside a church in New Mexico in 2001, after the church’s pastor urged parishioners to burn dozens of Harry Potter books and other types of literature and games they found offensive.
Neil Jacobs/Getty Images

America’s culture wars are creating a world of “magnificent heroes and sickening villains” as people fight a fierce battle in black and white, says writer and podcaster Jon Ronson.

Ronson said he watched his own friends fight in the trenches, often to their own detriment, and he wanted to know more.

So he set out to explore not just the culture wars themselves, but the humans behind the stories and how these fights began. Riffing on a famous line of poetry by William Butler Yeats that reads, “Things fall apart; the center cannot hold,” Ronson has released a new BBC podcast called “Things Fell Apart”.

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Podcast: How the L.A. Public Library made libraries cool – Los Angeles Times

Posted Aug. 27, 2021 5 AM PT

Children’s librarian Sara Rebman sorts books in the Los Angeles Central Library.
(Brian van der Brug / Los Angeles Times)

Welcome, new listeners!

Here’s one of our favorite episodes from this year, with a brand-new segment at the end.

It’s been quite the year for the Los Angeles Public Library — and the COVID-19 pandemic is only part of the story.

Inauguration Day cast a national spotlight on Amanda Gorman, who got her start reading poetry via the L.A. Public Library’s youth program.

And teen punk group the Linda Lindas gained worldwide fame after a concert at the Cypress Park branch of one of America’s largest public library systems.


Source: Podcast: How the L.A. Public Library made libraries cool – Los Angeles Times

Stories from Among the Stars – Macmillan Podcasts | Macmillan

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Stories from Among the Stars is an anthology series that shares thrilling science fiction audio stories–but only for a limited time.

Our first season was Steal the Stars, about forbidden love, a crashed UFO, and an alien heist.

This season, we’re sharing The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu. Hear the story of the human race as it stands poised to defend Earth from an alien invasion.

Set against the backdrop of China’s Cultural Revolution, The Three-Body Problem shows politicized factions forming as some humans prepare for war while others embrace the changes the invasion will bring. Listen or download by September 10, 2021 to hear the whole thrilling story.

Editor’s Note: Recommended to add to your podcast app.. read more about the story at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Three-Body_Problem_(novel)

Source: Stories from Among the Stars – Macmillan Podcasts

Howard Rheingold: “Changes” — Stayin’ Alive In Technology

Apr 8, 2020 | Podcast

Photo Credit: Chris Michel


When Howard Rheingold was on our podcast last year, he offered a holistic view of how history weaves technology, the human mind, and society together. Given all that is happening with the coronavirus and the state of daily life right now, we decided to invite Howard back onto the podcast to ask him for his perspective on this moment in history.

Seeing as Howard was the one to coin the term “virtual community” many years ago, we asked him for his thoughts on the current profusion of online learning and online communities. He shares his predictions for how our world might change for the long-term—from conferences to learning to  human cooperation—even after this virus is long gone. Enjoy hearing from this man who is a champion of hope, community, and the belief that we’re all in this together.


Source: Howard Rheingold: “Changes” — Stayin’ Alive In Technology