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All The SciFi Noir and Speculative Thrillers You Need to Get Through 2022 | CrimeReads

Even in the future, nothing works…

January 20, 2022, By Molly Odintz

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Maybe it’s just the size of my apartment and my comparative isolation over the past two years, but I’ve rediscovered a love for stories set in tiny spaceships where no one can hear you scream (or cry into your cat’s fur or whatever).

We’re also still in the midst of a technological revolution that blurs the line between crime writing and scifi, as well as benefitting from a long tradition of mingling the two in the service of exploring modern dystopian tendencies.

In the spirit of collaboration between the genres, I’ve collected a few scifi noirs and speculative thrillers that should appeal to crime readers (as well as fans of horror).

This year’s science fiction seems to bring with it a new emotional intensity, as cataclysmic events become settings for character studies, and space travel turns inwards, exploring the nature of identity itself. The works below are arranged in order of publication date.

Source: All The SciFi Noir and Speculative Thrillers You Need to Get Through 2022 ‹ CrimeReads

Aside: books & tablets (technology) | FOOD FOR THOUGHT

Screenshot from episode of television show “Manifest”

While watching S3 E4, “Tailspin,” of “Manifest,” on NBC, I saw this intriguing image of a tablet and a book. It made me think of the ways technologies (of now and the future) often integrate and merge with older technologies (i.e. books in this case).

I was thinking about how television didn’t replace radio –it changed it and made it different, but it’s still there.

Modern technology tools like smartphones and tablets are not going to replace the old technology, books. They will change how the two or more work together, and shape the world, and are useful in ways we cannot truly imagine yet…