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“McDevitt’s work is a counter to all the apocalypses and dystopias so prevalent in science fiction these days. McDevitt holds out hope for humanity’s future, and sees our time as the great time of scientific and technological progress. By setting his story in the far future, McDevitt is able to create in the twenty-first century reader nostalgia for our own time and all its accomplishments. Reading Coming Home revitalizes proper pride in humanity – what it has accomplished today and what it will design, do, and discover tomorrow.

I love reading McDevitt. Every chance I get I devour one of his novels. They are quick but entertaining reads, wonderful for a weekend trip or snuggling up with by a fire. They are SF in the classic mold. The Alex Benedict novels, in particular, are an encomium both to history and the future wrapped gently in the blanket of a heartwarming tale of friendship and fun-filled adventure.

PS: Long-time readers of McDevitt will also appreciate the mention of Priscilla Hutchins that appears in this novel.”

en: Jack McDevitt American science fiction aut...
en: Jack McDevitt American science fiction author. Budapest, 2010. hu: Jack McDevitt amerikai sci-fi író. Ünnepi Könyvhét, Budapest, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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