The Libhub Initiative: Making Libraries More Visible

“Libraries, archives, and museums have vast numbers of resources within their four walls “that the Web can not see or use,” according to the press release introducing the Libhub Initiative. This project, which had its official launch at the American Library Association’s (ALA) annual conference this summer, aims to raise the web visibility of libraries’ resources by allowing search engines to see inside a library to the item level.

Libraries “need to speak in a way the Web can see and represent consistently. Our users live on the web and rely on the Web to deliver information resources, yet the lack of access to harvestable library data and a consistent way to understand that information has removed libraries from view of Web users,” the site’s FAQ section states. This effort will allow the Googles of the world to harvest data from library catalogs and make sense of their contents.”

via The Libhub Initiative: Making Libraries More Visible.