New ‘Myst’ Game Will Be Based On New ‘Myst’ TV Show

“Right now it seems the two major mines for new TV shows are in the form of classic ’80s and ’90s movie de-makes (Problem Child, Uncle Buck, Big), or a collection of superheroes too numerous to even mention at this point. But at least one new show will be based on a video game, two forms of media which only rarely meet.

The game is Myst, the cult-classic puzzle game which first premiered in 1993. The show is from Legendary’s TV division, who will be working closely with Myst creators Rand and Robin Miller on the project, Variety reports. It is as of yet undecided whether Myst will be a digital offering, heading to a streaming service like Netflix NFLX -0.8%, Hulu, or Amazon, or will air on traditional broadcast TV.”

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