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Was You’ve Got Mail Trying to Warn Us About the Internet? (Or Telling Us to Give Up?) ‹ Literary Hub

Olivia Rutigliano on the Rise of Amazon.com, Corporate Homogenization, and the
90s Rom Com in the Middle of It All

By Olivia Rutigliano, May 20, 2022

It’s springtime again in New York City, which makes me think of You’ve Got Mail.

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“You don’t want to miss New York in the spring,” Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) advises Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) late in the movie, and you don’t, it’s true.

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Making good on its advice, the film’s third act captures the Upper West Side’s bustling farmer’s markets and the flowering gardens of Riverside Park, radiant in the glorious sunshine and lively breezes of spring.

You also don’t want to miss New York in the fall, when, the film shows, it is full of stoop pumpkins and small street fairs. Joe says fall in New York makes him “want to buy school supplies” (in lieu of flowers, he wishes to send “bouquet[s] of newly sharpened pencils”) and how could it not?

The world is quaint and crisp. And you don’t, by the way, want to miss New York in the winter, either. The film lingers on shop windows garlanded with twinkle lights and places its characters in snug cafes to drink tea and read books.

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Source: Was You’ve Got Mail Trying to Warn Us About the Internet? (Or Telling Us to Give Up?) ‹ Literary Hub

The 33 Best Romantic Comedies of All Time | Vanity Fair

We take stock of the best rom-coms ever—from Coming to America to Groundhog Day to three Nora Ephron classics.

By Vanity Fair, May 11, 2022

Photo Illustration by Lauren Margit Jones; Photos, from left, by Sophie Giraud/Ifc/Kobal, from Castle Rock/Nelson/Columbia/Kobal, both from REX/Shutterstock; From Paramount/Everett Collection.

As this list of the best romantic comedies ever proves, the death of the genre has been greatly exaggerated. Yes, rom-coms have faltered in popularity since their 1990s heyday—but even as time passes, audiences are hungry as ever for banter, meet-cutes, and happy endings. That’s been clear for years now, since Netflix hit pay dirt by releasing scores of rom-coms, Crazy Rich Asians made bank at the box office, and Licorice Pizza became a critical darling.

Which got us thinking: what are the best romantic comedies of all time, the films that most perfectly exemplify this beloved but under-appreciated genre? Vanity Fair’s Hollywood team decided to find out by making individual top 10 lists, then crunching the numbers, noting which films appeared most frequently, and—after a few brief arguments about what constitutes a romantic comedy, and what does not—came up with the final tally.

Though 31 rom-coms ultimately made the list, 20 more were left off because they received only a single vote—films that ran the gamut from Obvious Child to White Christmas to Strictly Ballroom to Wall-E. The takeaway, perhaps, is that “romantic comedy” is an elastic designation, one that lies at least partly in the eye of the beholder—appropriate enough for a genre all about falling in love.

Source: The 33 Best Romantic Comedies of All Time | Vanity Fair