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Google now lets you request the removal of search results that contain personal data | Engadget

Results with your address, phone number or email will be reviewed ‘more quickly.’

By S. Dent, @stevetdent, September 21, 2022 4:49 AM

Steve Dent / Engadget

Google is releasing a tool that makes it easier to remove search results containing your address, phone number and other personally identifiable information, 9to5Google has reported. It first revealed the “results about you” feature at I/O 2022 in May, describing it as a way to “help you easily control whether your personally-identifiable information can be found in Search results.” 

If you see a result with your phone number, home address or email, you can click on the three-dot menu at the top right. That opens the usual “About this result” panel, but it now contains a new “Remove result” option at the bottom of the screen. A dialog states that if the result contains one of those three things, “we can review your request more quickly.”

Source: https://www.engadget.com/google-results-about-you-app-rolling-out-084913547.html

Was You’ve Got Mail Trying to Warn Us About the Internet? (Or Telling Us to Give Up?) ‹ Literary Hub

Olivia Rutigliano on the Rise of Amazon.com, Corporate Homogenization, and the
90s Rom Com in the Middle of It All

By Olivia Rutigliano, May 20, 2022

It’s springtime again in New York City, which makes me think of You’ve Got Mail.

from article…

“You don’t want to miss New York in the spring,” Joe Fox (Tom Hanks) advises Kathleen Kelly (Meg Ryan) late in the movie, and you don’t, it’s true.

–from article

Making good on its advice, the film’s third act captures the Upper West Side’s bustling farmer’s markets and the flowering gardens of Riverside Park, radiant in the glorious sunshine and lively breezes of spring.

You also don’t want to miss New York in the fall, when, the film shows, it is full of stoop pumpkins and small street fairs. Joe says fall in New York makes him “want to buy school supplies” (in lieu of flowers, he wishes to send “bouquet[s] of newly sharpened pencils”) and how could it not?

The world is quaint and crisp. And you don’t, by the way, want to miss New York in the winter, either. The film lingers on shop windows garlanded with twinkle lights and places its characters in snug cafes to drink tea and read books.

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Source: Was You’ve Got Mail Trying to Warn Us About the Internet? (Or Telling Us to Give Up?) ‹ Literary Hub

Independence Day Movie 25th Year Anniversary Retro Review | gizmodo

The 1996 Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum alien invasion film reveals new themes on its silver anniversary.

By Germain Lussier, Today 11:30AM

The sheer audacity of the spaceships.
Photo: Fox

It’s been 25 years since the first time I ever bought advanced tickets to see a movie.

I know this because that movie was Independence Day, and it opened 25 years ago this week. After seeing its unforgettable Super Bowl commercial, I immediately became obsessed with the movie and knew I had to see it as soon as possible.

So on July 2, 1996, I walked into the theater optimistic I was going to see something special and the film delivered. In the 25 years since that day, I’ve probably seen it 25 times. Not only has it become my go-to film to watch over the U.S. holiday weekend, anytime it’s on TV, I have to keep it on. It’s funny, exciting, massive, I loved it. I still do, mainly because watching it brings me back to being that geeky teenager seeing an amazing movie on its opening night.

Since July 2, 1996, that’s basically all Independence Day has been to me: an entertaining dose of nostalgia. But revisiting it last week in anticipation of its 25th anniversary I realized it’s so much more. It plays differently with a few decades of life experience under your belt and as much as I adored it in 1996, I may love it even more in 2021.

Source: Independence Day Movie 25th Year Anniversary Retro Review

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Is the Culmination of a 22-Year Obsession With Time – IGN

A thrilling cinematic palindrome despite itself that circumvents dramatic inconsistencies through sheer momentum.

By Siddhant Adlakha, Posted: 1 May 2021 8:05 am

–from article..

As Tenet arrives on HBO Max, we continue our look back at filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s entire feature-length filmography. We began this series last fall, exploring each of Nolan’s films, and we conclude it today (for now!).

Warning: Full spoilers for Tenet follow.

Christopher Nolan’s eleventh feature is a rousing cinematic success, a culmination of the director’s 22-year career and his obsession with time as a moving fabric imprinted on film.

It’s a thrilling work despite itself, circumventing dramatic inconsistencies through sheer momentum. The result is a sensory experience that demands leaning forward and being constantly, actively engaged (not the least because of its overpowering sound mix).

Source: Christopher Nolan’s Tenet Is the Culmination of a 22-Year Obsession With Time – IGN

The fall of Ernest Hemingway | America Magazine

“Show me a hero and I’ll write you a tragedy.” –F. Scott Fitzgerald Reading a great biography is like watching a tragedy unfold. The promises of youth gradually give way to the limitations imposed by reality, and demise and denouement inevitably ensue.

Source: The fall of Ernest Hemingway | America Magazine