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On Maggie Bradbury, the woman who “changed literature forever.” ‹ Literary Hub

By Emily Temple, August 30, 2022, 9:40am

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Ray Bradbury met his first girlfriend—and his future wife—in a bookstore. But they didn’t lock eyes over the same just-selected novel, or bump into each other in a narrow aisle, sending books and feelings flying.

It was a warm afternoon in April 1946, and 25-year-old Ray Bradbury—an up-and-coming pulp fiction writer—was wearing a trench coat and carrying a briefcase while he scanned the shelves at Fowler Brothers Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles.

Naturally, Marguerite McClure—Maggie—who worked at the bookstore, “was immediately suspicious.” Someone had been stealing books, but hadn’t yet been caught. So she struck up a conversation. “I expected him to slam his briefcase down on a pile of books and make off with a few,” she said. “Instead, he told me he was a writer and invited me to have a cup of coffee with him.”

Coffee became lunch became dinner became romance; Maggie was the first woman Ray had ever dated, but he managed all right, and they were married on September 27, 1947.

Source: https://lithub.com/on-maggie-bradbury-the-woman-who-changed-literature-forever/

Letters: What Ray Bradbury has to teach about banning books – Chicago Tribune

By Chicago Tribune | Nov 29, 2021 at 3:44 PM

Photo by Joy Marino on Pexels.com

In agreeing with the editorial about book banning in school libraries (“Book banning at school libraries blinkers children in the worst way,” Nov. 28), we turn to Waukegan-born Ray Bradbury who wrote “Fahrenheit 451,” the classic novel about firefighters whose job is to start fires — to burn books — not put them out. Bradbury wouldn’t have been surprised that banning books is still in the news. At the Ray Bradbury Experience Museum in Waukegan, visitors including students dive into book banning through an exhibit that honors the novel. It displays banned and challenged book titles submitted by people from all over the country.

Source: Letters: What Ray Bradbury has to teach about banning books – Chicago Tribune