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Five Classic SFF Collections That Are Too Good to Be Forgotten | Tor.com

By James Davis Nicoll, Fri Nov 4, 2022 10:00am

Photo: Chris Lawton [via Unsplash]

I just now finished writing an essay about older novels worth a read. Which led me to wonder: what older collections are worth a read?

Fortunately my library is capacious, even if my memory sometimes fails. So, here are notes on five older collections that you might enjoy. Do I own stock in a used bookstore? No, I have no financial incentive to recommend older works that might be out of print. In fact, I was surprised to discover (on searching) that some of these collections were still in print (if electronic versions can be considered print).

The rest are all available through the wonders of online used book stores.

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Source: Five Classic SFF Collections That Are Too Good to Be Forgotten | Tor.com

Best of the Fest 2022: Science Fiction & Fantasy | National Book Festival | Library of Congress

October 17, 2022 by Clay Smith

M.J. Kuhn, Chelsea Abdullah and moderator Ashley Dickerson appear in a panel on “Thieves and Their Petty Little Secrets” in books by Kuhn and Abdullah at the 2022 National Book Festival. Photo by David Critics

For the first time since 2004, the Library of Congress National Book Festival featured a Science Fiction & Fantasy stage highlighting how expansive and introspective imaginative fiction can be. Today, we’re releasing the footage for this stage — sponsored by General Motors — on our site and our YouTube channel. Here’s what you’ll find among the otherworldly and speculative conversations that took place on the Science Fiction & Fantasy stage at the recent Festival:

We hope you enjoy the events from this year’s Science Fiction & Fantasy stage!

This is a guest post by Deziree Arnaiz, a program specialist in the Literary Initiatives Office.

Source: https://blogs.loc.gov/national-book-festival/2022/10/best-of-the-fest-2022-science-fiction-fantasy/

Here are the Winners for Fantasy and Sci-Fi in the 13th Annual Goodreads Choice Awards — GeekTyrant

2 days ago, by Tommy Williams

From article…

Goodreads recently announced the winners of the 13th Annual Goodreads Choice Awards.

These awards are voted on by readers instead of a committee. You can find the entire list of winners for all categories on Goodreads, but I’ve included the winners for both Fantasy and Science Fiction below.

What were your favorite books of the year?

Source: Here are the Winners for Fantasy and Sci-Fi in the 13th Annual Goodreads Choice Awards — GeekTyrant

The best fantasy and sci-fi books of 2021 – Polygon

From sweeping space operas to deadly, magical schools

By Nicole Clark, Sadie Gennis, and Tasha Robinson, Dec 12, 2021, 10:13am EST

Graphic: James Bareham/Polygon

This year we read tons of books. Whether we bought a hard copies at the local bookstore or checked out audiobooks from a library app, or consumed them via e-reader.

Lots new authors wrote fantastic debuts in 2021, while many of our favorite authors continued their sprawling series — ones we were extremely excited to jump back into.

If you love books then you know: They aren’t just escapism, they also inspire introspection, making us think harder about the world we live in.

This is precisely the promise of great science fiction and fantasy — categories we’ve chosen to consider in a list together, as fantastic books continue to blur the line between the two speculative genres (and besides, we love to read them all). These 20 books span genres and perspectives — from space operas, to Norse mythology retellings, to romances with a dash of time travel.

But all of them gave us something new to consider. In a year with so many incredible choices, it was hard to narrow down the list. So we’ve also included some of our favorite runners up.

Source: The best fantasy and sci-fi books of 2021 – Polygon

Celebrating the Librarians of SFF | Tor.com

By Stubby the Rocket, Wed Sep 29, 2021 10:00am 32 comments 7 Favorites [+]

From article…

Across fantasy and science fiction (with the occasional stop in horror), there are any number of amazing fictional libraries we’d love to visit—especially to meet up with the guardians of the stacks!

After all, what’s a fantasy story without an awe-inspiring tower full of potentially curséd books?

Or a sci-fi adventure without the cumulative knowledge of civilization stored somewhere to guide our heroes on their quest?

We decided it was time for an overdue celebration of the keepers of knowledge, from experts in Egyptology to far-future book-lovers fighting tyrannical governments to sword-wielding barbarians, we have a librarian for every occasion.

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Source: Celebrating the Librarians of SFF | Tor.com