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DoBlu.com – 4K UHD & Blu-ray Reviews | Deep Impact 4K UHD Review

By Matt Paprocki, May 4, 2023

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A Somber Collision

Through all the times Irwin Allen destroyed cities in his ‘70s era disaster films, and as many times as Hollywood took out humanity through climate-based disasters or alien invasions, none did it better than Deep Impact.

Not for the destructive spectacle; Deep Impact has surprisingly little, and the visual effects lack the sizzle they once carried.

Instead, it’s because of Tea Leoni, standing in fear on the seashore with her previously disowned father, waiting for a cataclysmic tidal wave to end their lives.

Rarely does disaster claim the lead actor’s life. Here, she’s obliterated when humanity fails. There’s something inherently human about the acceptance, the defeat, and reality that drives Deep Impact’s drama to that moment (even if Leoni’s broadcast journalist shtick before lacks the same real world conviction).

Source: DoBlu.com – 4K UHD & Blu-ray Reviews | Deep Impact 4K UHD Review

Book Review: The Rise of the Smynians


Cover image, from publisher site.


This was a free ebook I received via LibraryThing’s early reviewers’ program.

This book is in the genre of Christian fiction, apocalyptic tales, and seems to be part of a series of planned books. You can see more about the book at the link above.

It was difficult reading the book for me, and I found the writing style is difficult to follow, and the characters and story seemed similar to other books about the coming end of days, apocalypses, etc. I didn’t finish all the book, but you may find it of interest.

Rating: May be of interest to readers of Christian fiction.