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Hollywood was built on the work of underappreciated writers. Just ask Chandler, Faulkner and Fitzgerald

By Stacy Perman, Staff Writer  May 8, 2023 5 AM PT

(Jim Cooke / Los Angeles Times; photo via Getty Images)

In 1945, barely two years into Raymond Chandler’s career as a screenwriter, the man whose hard-boiled fiction did much to make film noir into an art form had already wearied of the town and its treatment of writers.“Hollywood is a showman’s paradise. But showmen make nothing; they exploit what someone else has made,” he wrote in an acerbic essay published in the Atlantic.

In barbed zinger after zinger, the man who gave us private investigator Philip Marlowe described Hollywood as a cauldron of “egos,” “credit stealing” and “self-promotion” where scribes were ruthlessly neglected, marginalized and stripped of respect; toiling at the mercy of producers, some of whom, he wrote, had “the artistic integrity of slot machines and the manners of a floorwalker with delusions of grandeur.”

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Source: Hollywood was built on unappreciated and undervalued writers – Los Angeles Times

Lawrence Osborne does Raymond Chandler quite well, thank you

Lawrence Osborne has written an official – and good – sequel to Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe novel, ‘Only to Sleep.’ The British novelist lives off the beaten track in Thailand, where journalist Ross Davies joined him for sake.

Source: Lawrence Osborne does Raymond Chandler quite well, thank you