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A New Take on Dinner Theater Prioritizes Good Drinks | PUNCH

October 31, 2022, Story: Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner, photo: Dylan + Jeni

Director of food and beverage, Dan Sabo is responsible for the cocktail menu at The Cinegrill Supper Club and Theater.

Should we splurge on a $100 baked potato at 10 p.m. on a Monday night? It’s a question I ask my friend as we settle into a back banquette at New York’s scene-iest piano bar, The Nines. Despite the less-than-prime reservation time, the red-hued bar is packed. A table crowded with Gen Zers sings “Happy Birthday” to a friend, while at a nearby two-top, much older men work their way through the bar’s complimentary snacks: potato chips, olives and nuts, served in a caddy of crystal bowls. A pianist at the back of the room sets the sultry yet playful tone, seamlessly transitioning among jazz standards, classic rock and popular TikTok anthems, like Elton John’s “Bennie and the Jets.”

Browsing the menu by flickering candlelight, there’s no question that we’ll be ordering the No. 9 Martini, the bar’s signature stirred combo of gin, vermouth and manzanilla served with a chilled sidecar to keep us going. We skipped the three-figure baked potato topped with caviar. Maybe next time.In a pandemic-changed world of nightlife, where disco balls hang from nearly every ceiling, cocktails lean into nostalgia and every reservation is an opportunity to showcase an OOTD, the drink-and-a-show evening has also found an audience. “[It’s] transportive and brings guests to a time when going out was more of a celebration,” says Jon Neidich, chief executive of Golden Age Hospitality, which opened The Nines in 2021. “I think about café society culture, when going out was a big deal, people got dressed up a little more, it was an occasion.” The idea of a drink theater is nothing new. But unlike the previous generation of drink theater venues known to attract tourists, these new venues place food and beverage at their core, with the entertainment acting as a bonus. The genre’s revival also comes as we’re more eager to turn a night out into an event, and to order cocktails worth their inflation price tags.

Source: A New Take on Dinner Theater Prioritizes Good Drinks | PUNCH

Green Tea Benefits for Health: What the Latest Science Says | Outside

New research suggests green tea may do even more for your gut, heart, and overall wellness than previously known

September 19, 2022,Heather Adams, from Clean Eating

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It’s already a well-known fact that green tea is one potent drink. Sipping some green tea can help to soothe inflammation, calm joint pain, and offer up a wealth of free radical fighting antioxidants. But research into just how many health benefits green tea offers continues – and now, experts suggest that it may be a nutritional tool you can turn to for head-to-toe wellness.

Get a mug of green tea ready; here’s the latest on how this drink may be able to improve your heart health, your gut health, and other key aspects of well-being. 

Green tea’s anti-inflammatory properties are far-reaching when it comes to overall health and wellness

In 2019, researchers at The Ohio State University found that there may be a potential benefit to green tea that goes well beyond inflammation. In their work, they uncovered a potential association between lower obesity and fewer health risks in mice, and they also saw improved gut health.

Source: https://www.vegetariantimes.com/health-nutrition/green-tea-benefits-for-health/

The Most Popular Drink in Every State — Eat This Not That

By Eat This, Not That!, Published on April 22, 2022 | 4:30 PM

Rachel Linder/ Eat This, Not That!

Sure, soda isn’t the best thing in the world for you.

And energy drinks and fruit juice aren’t the greatest, either. But if you’re a supporter of the “everything in moderation” mentality, you might indulge in a sweetened beverage from time to time.

You could, of course, go for a classic drink like Coke or Pepsi—or you could go with a regional beverage like Cheerwine or Faygo.

And if you’re curious about what everyone else in your state is drinking, you’re in luck! We used Google Trends to find the most popular drink in every state. Based on looking at the topic “Soft Drinks” in each state through Google Trends, we were able to see what the most popular searched drinks are for each state. We then looked at popular related topics within this category for each state to determine the most popular searched drink.

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Source: The Most Popular Drink in Every State — Eat This Not That