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The Magic of Cookbooks in Fiction ‹ CrimeReads

Lucy Burdette on the long tradition of weaving cookbooks into the plots of mystery novels.

August 29, 2022, By Lucy Burdette

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When one of my writing pals sent me a link to a vintage Key West Woman’s Club cookbook published in the 1940’s, the plot for my 12th Key West mystery, A DISH TO DIE FOR, finally took off. First, a little background. Food critic Hayley Snow and her dog find a body on the beach about ten miles north of Key West. It’s a shock of course, and she’s still reeling from the emotional fallout of her discovery when she remembers she’s agreed to help sort donated cookbooks for the Friends of the Key West Library.

When I reached this point in the novel, I’d been talking with my writing friends about struggling with the plot. I loved the opening scenes, but how did this man’s body end up on the beach, and why? And how could I weave in the food angle that is expected with a foodie protagonist? Could something about the donated cookbooks contribute to a murder solution?

Soon after our meeting, my friend Angelo sent this email, along with a photograph of the Key West Cookbook: I don’t know if this would be of any use to you, but I thought you’d find it interesting. I belong to the Historic Florida Page and this came up today. I wonder if they have a copy of the cookbook at your library? It was done by the Key West Woman’s Club. What’s cool is that the book was written out in longhand. 

Source: https://crimereads.com/cookbooks-fiction/

Best Food Network Hosts Ranked – Variety

By Clayton Davis, Carson Burton, August 22, 2022

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Many of the emcees of Food Network have crafted their own lanes with signature dishes, and the ability to connect with viewers globally. From Bobby Flay’s laid-back approach to barbecuing to Ina Garten’s timeless approach to preparing a quick meal for friends, these cooks have anchored the cable channel since its 1993 inception.

To celebrate Italian chef Giada De Laurentiis’ birthday, Variety ranks the 14 best hosts and emcees of Food Network (and spinoff Cooking Channel) in the last 20 years. For the purposes of the list, we’re only citing those who were the host of a particular series, not guest judges. Although conquerors of the culinary world, don’t expect to see the names of veterans Julia Child, Wolfgang Puck or Anthony Bourdain (although they are some of the best in history).

The New York-based cable channel has produced some of the most entertaining and mouth-watering television shows of all time. Whether it’s Guy Fieri “rolling out” with his “Triple D” or Aarón Sánchez bringing the wizardry of Mexican flavors, there’s someone for everyone watching at home.

Source: https://variety.com/lists/best-food-network-hosts-ranked/

(331) Blast from the Past: Southern Deviled Eggs Recipe | How to Make Deviled Eggs – YouTube

Blast from the Past: Southern Deviled Eggs Recipe | How to Make Deviled Eggs

22,507 views Apr 7, 2022

Southern Deviled Eggs Recipe – Paula’s [Paula Deen] showing how to make deviled eggs Southern style.

It’s the perfect Southern side dish or appetizer recipe for any gathering!

(331) Blast from the Past: Southern Deviled Eggs Recipe | How to Make Deviled Eggs – YouTube

“Red Sauce: How Italian Food Became American” – An Excerpt from the Book – Chicago Review of Books

By Ian MacAllen, April 4, 2022

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Millions of Italians arrived in the United States during the great wave of immigration from the 1880s until the Second World War.

Dishes like spaghetti and meatballs, veal parmigiana, and oven-baked lasagna evolved during these years, yet Americans perceived these as the food of foreign ethnics with too much garlic.

One dish would profoundly change that perception forever: pizza. A popular street food in nineteenth century Naples, pizza served the working class and poor.

In New York City, the first commercial pizzerias baked pies in big bread ovens which resulted in the large round pies common in American pizzerias today. However, pizza did not achieve widespread popularity until after the war as American troops returned home. Everything was about to change.

Source: “Red Sauce: How Italian Food Became American” – An Excerpt from the Book – Chicago Review of Books

Yan can cook in Las Vegas | Nevada Public Radio

Mar 09, 2022, by Lorraine Blanco Moss

Martin Yan

If Yan can cook, so can you.

That’s been Chef Martin Yan’s signature saying since the early ’80s when the chef and cookbook author appeared on television sets across the country bringing Chinese food to American tables.

Since then, he’s written more than 30 cookbooks and starred in more than 3,500 episodes of “Yan Can Cook.”

It is still one of the longest-running cooking shows in the world.

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Now Yan is bringing his delicious flavors from hand-pulled noodles to Peking duck to the Las Vegas Strip. Chef Martin Yan is opening M.Y. Asia at the new Horseshoe Resort very soon. He says it will be like nothing you’ve seen before.

Source: Yan can cook in Las Vegas | Nevada Public Radio

15 Traditional Christmas Dinner Recipes – Paula Deen

By The PD Web Team

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There’s no better time to embrace tradition than during the holiday season!

There’s nothing better than a traditional Christmas—we’re talking mistletoes, classic Christmas carols, gingerbread houses, It’s a Wonderful Life, and, yes, those traditional Christmas dinner recipes.

While we can’t supply all the holiday magic, we certainly can inspire your Christmas culinary adventures!

Whether you’re looking for a show-stopping entrée for Christmas dinner; the sides to go with it; heavenly cakes, cookies, and candies; a cozy beverage to sip by the fire; or something special for Christmas morning, we’ve got wonderful Christmas recipes that harken back to those old-fashioned Christmases of years past.

Source: 15 Traditional Christmas Dinner Recipes – Paula Deen