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Children in Progressive-Era America · DPLA Omeka

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"Newsboys and bootblacks shooting craps," 1912. Courtesy of The New York Public Library.
“Newsboys and bootblacks shooting craps,” 1912. Courtesy of The New York Public Library.

“In twenty-first century American society, childhood is popularly understood as a time of innocence, learning, and play. At the end of the nineteenth century, however, children made up part of the country’s workforce, and labored on farms and in factories. When they were not working, they enjoyed great independence in leisure activities—be it in a loud city street or a peaceful country lake. Often, children were far from adult supervision.”

Source: Children in Progressive-Era America · DPLA Omeka

Citation: Martin, Greer. Children in Progressive-Era America. Digital Public Library of America. September 2015.

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