San Diego Central Library | Orchids & Onions

“After what had to be the better part of an eternity, San Diego finally built a much needed new library. There were cries almost immediately after the old downtown library was completed in the 1950’s that the size and scope of it were not large enough to accommodate a growing city. What started in the 70’s as a hopeful push to construct an adequate library turned into decades of missed opportunities and internal strife. The new Central Library accomplishes those initial scale goals, and then some. Constructed by local architect, Rob Quigley (local!…for a civic project!), the library provides a core hub of education. It’s far more than just books; a pubic school and large digital education component solidfy the importance of this building as a place where the community can embrace knowledge and the act of learning. Library Director Deborah Barrow said upon the library’s opening, “We are more than just books in a big facility. We are a place for people. There is some of everything that you need in a cultural, educated, city, and this is part of the reason the San Diego Public Library has been so important to the city.” Well put.”

via San Diego Central Library | Orchids & Onions.